How is Sustainable Landscaping Done?

07 February 2020

Sustainable landscaping is a unique way to let nature beautify your home. It may take a little extra planning, but by using sustainable landscaping practices, you can spend less time working on your lawn and more time enjoying it. Below are ways on how to do sustainable landscaping. Wise Plant Selection The plants you choose have to be well-adapted to your local environment. Every landscape has those plants that just won’t thrive. If you have plants that need a lot of nurturing, it might mean they’re not right for your climate. Replace them with plants that will do better with […]

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Hard Landscaping Design Ideas for Front Gardens

20 January 2020

Hard landscaping is comprised of the hard components of the landscape. This includes the large pieces of hard material that make up the bulk of the “bones” of landscape materials namely rocks, stones and masonries. These landscape materials are essential in creating a sense of space that ties the garden and landscape to the rest of the outdoor area and the entire property. More often than not, hard landscaping is among the least prioritised details in front gardens because most homeowners remain unaware of its importance. Hard landscaping serves as the foundation of everything you build in your garden. Aside […]

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Create a Family-friendly Yard with These Backyard Landscaping Tips

09 January 2020

Backyards are often utilised to accommodate the family’s recreational activities. More often than not, backyards are used as a space to live, play, and relax while staying peacefully within the confines of your own home. Below are some backyard landscaping tips that will turn your outdoor living space into a family-friendly yard. Create a Gathering Zone One important aspect of a backyard that many often disregard is the gathering space. A gathering space may already exist, possibly attached to the house. It can be a back deck or a patio. If you don’t have one, place it as close to […]

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Melbourne Landscaping: Combining Western Aesthetics to Create Your Own Zen Garden

16 December 2019

The concept of Zen gardens originated in Japan as a way of life and is associated with stress reduction. It is supposed to evoke feelings of tranquillity, calmness and peace. It is perceived to have mental as well as psychological health benefits. Below are the ways you can combine western aesthetics to create your own Zen garden. Water Features Carefully decide on a water feature that best suits your preference. The water feature will serve as the very centrepiece of your design, so you have to choose wisely. Consider the weather condition in your area in selecting your water feature. […]

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Garden Landscape Design Ideas for Maximum Privacy

04 December 2019

Aside from comfort and relaxation, people often see their homes as their site of security and privacy. Even in an outdoor setting wherein they simply lounge in their backyard, they still crave for a comfortable ambiance without being bothered by the risk of passersby and neighbours snooping around to watch their every move. That is why below are several garden landscape design ideas to ensure maximum privacy in their outdoor living spaces. Solid Privacy Fences Constructing a solid privacy fence is a common solution for privacy in a backyard landscape design. Installing one will provide maximum privacy and noise reduction […]

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