Protect Your Home from Natural Disasters through Proper Landscaping

29 September 2021

Home properties must be designed and constructed very well so they can keep families comfortable and safe. Without planning their construction very well, these properties may end up hazardous to family members and their respective friends and neighbours.

One common element that home properties often possess is the outdoor space. With the presence of a vast outdoor space, homeowners have every opportunity to modify it and make the space appealing, functional, and valuable. And one great way of maximising the available outdoor space of properties is to incorporate proper landscaping.

A landscape boasts softscape and hardscape elements that can make the space beautiful, lively, and practical. One unique thing about this feature is that it can minimise the impact of natural disasters. Here are some ways to make your landscape reduce the damages of natural disasters.


Flooding is typically triggered by the accumulation of water from heavy rainfall. As the rainfall lasts for a long time, the possibility of flooding most likely increases if the drainage system is clogged with waste materials, damaging the foundation and other property structures along the way.

One way a landscape can prevent flood-related damages is to ensure that its soil is sloping downward. Keeping the soil surface sloped downwards can redirect the rainwater away from your foundation. The installation of a rain garden filled with native plants, dry streambeds, catch basins, and swales can also aid in reducing or even preventing flood damages since they can absorb or catch rainwater.


Wildfires, alternatively, may happen in various ways. For one, they could be triggered by the continuous sun exposure of trees, plants, and others. Wildfires can likewise occur if the greeneries are ignited by lightning strikes. Ultimately, wildfires may be caused by human activities.

One way to deter wildfire-related damages is to maximise fire-resistant plants and trees. Fire-resistant greeneries often boast high-moisture composition, which could prevent possible sources of fire from igniting them. Another way to utilise landscaping in preventing wildfires is to establish fire-safe zones. Stonewalls, pavers, and other barriers can be set so that wildfires can be deterred right away.


Landslides may not be common in some areas here in Australia, but others do. Areas that are prone to drought can be exposed to landslides frequently, which can put home properties and other structures at risk of getting damaged. Landslides can likewise be hazardous to people’s lives.

If your property is situated in a drought-prone area, then you must have your landscaping altered to minimise or prevent landslide-related damages. Your landscaping can stabilise the ground surface and prevent landslides if it is filled with native trees and plants. It can also be filled with channels and retaining walls so that mud, debris, and other elements of a landslide can be diverted or even blocked effectively.

Following these tips can somehow protect your property from obtaining major damages and issues. To know more about these landscaping tips, you can always call us at Mark Browning Landscape Design.

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