Know the Basics of a Well-Planned Commercial Landscape Design

08 August 2022

Commercial landscaping sets the tone for the overall image of your business. Adding a commercial landscape at your front entrance helps to grow your business and in turn, bring in more clients and investors. For this reason, more business owners are spending a hefty amount of money to invest in a relaxing outdoor space that provides a positive and welcoming environment for everyone. To enhance the look of your commercial building, here are the basics of a well-planned commercial landscape design.

Create Pathways and Walkways

A well-designed commercial landscape will give a lasting impression and goodwill to your business. One of the important elements of commercial landscape design is creating a way to direct the flow of traffic. Adding bold elements like pathways and walkways to direct people to the entryways of your commercial space helps in highlighting the entrance points of your commercial space. To complete the look of your commercial landscape design, use plants and trees to effectively highlight the pathways and walkways. You can add concrete pathways lined with plants, trees, and shrubs to achieve a clean finish and smooth texture, customised according to your preference coupled with convenience in mind.

Add Benches and Chairs 

Complement your commercial front space with a functional lounge area to encourage people to stay longer in your area. Adding benches and chairs to surround your commercial building can do wonders to your building’s front entrance. With an outdoor al fresco seating space, you can help people to engage with your business. You can also provide a lounge space for your employees to enjoy during breaks. Incorporating benches, tables, and chairs that add to the welcoming and relaxing outdoor vibe of your commercial landscape design can help attract clients and customers to your business.

Convey the Right Image

Depending on your preference, you can make your outdoor area a relaxation space instantly by incorporating fountains or waterfalls. The sight of dancing fountains of water and the lush lawn calms the senses, thus, a great addition to your commercial outdoor space to attract positivity and sustainability. If you are leaning toward a soothing, sustainable, and fun landscape design for your commercial space, you can add water features to your landscape design and expect a more relaxing outdoor space for your employees and customer. A well-designed landscape greatly can speak for your brand by making your lawn an avenue for relaxation, attaining positive energy, and reducing stress levels. Having a beautiful landscape design plays a key role in improving the outdoor living experience of your employees and customers.

Keep Landscape Well-Maintained 

A well-maintained commercial landscape equally gives a lasting impression and goodwill to your business. One of the important factors to consider when planning your commercial landscape design is maintenance. A well-planned and well-maintained commercial landscape reflects how your business values functionality and organisation. A well-planned commercial landscape design strikes the right balance between creating an attractive landscape design while maintaining functionality. And keeping it functional and organised by including a maintenance contract is equally important.

Mark Browning Landscape Design takes pride in sustainable and sensible design principles, and we encourage our clients to strike a balance between both hard and soft landscape treatments thereby minimizing carbon footprint. Contact us today!

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