Turn Your Landscapes into A Dream Holiday Destination

08 November 2022

Is there a place in the world that you enjoy or would like to visit for a leisurely vacation? What if you made your garden your favourite place so that you could easily reach a portion of that beauty right on your property? The following are excellent suggestions for you to use or use as inspiration if you want a lavish, destination-themed landscape design that is ideal for entertaining.

Beauty and Mystique of Bali

By using features like tropical flora (flowers like bougainvillea and hibiscus, short palm trees, rainforest ferns, and lots of bamboos), giant clay jars, teakwood decks, and Buddha statues, you may replicate the beauty and magic of Bali in your garden. Additionally, you may add stepping stones, Balinese lamps, a pond with live koi, and other traditional Balinese artwork like beautiful wood carvings and weavings. Install a hammock and low daybeds on the terrace to enhance the feeling of a journey vacation. Together, these will provide a rich and peaceful feeling.

A Touch of Tuscany

Add a little bit of Tuscany to your garden for a romantic Italian getaway. Installing courtyards with several growing vines dangling from trellises or windows will accomplish this. Sandstone and limestone are the ideal choices because you’ll be using a mellow colour scheme. If you can, construct a pergola with wisteria or perhaps grapevines. If there is space, include a waterlily-filled pond. A fountain or even a birdbath will do if you don’t have much room. Plant cypress, fig, oak, and pine trees. Lemon trees in pots are another option if space is an issue. Topiary plants, urns overflowing with geraniums in bloom, and a collection of potted herbs are lovely additions. Set up chairs so that you can unwind in a cosy atmosphere while sipping Chianti.

A Taste of California

Go for modern desert design components like SoCal (Southern California) plants like succulents, palms, cacti, and tropical flowers if you want to give your garden a taste of California. Concrete and glass would be the bulk of your highly contemporary materials. Perfect squares would be the only shape for everything. There would be open grassy spaces and a pool. Boulders could be used as accents. However, you may add vibrant pops of blue and yellow to the furniture, which could include awnings, daybeds, chaise lounges, and other items.

Beautiful Spanish Garden

Even though Spain is a highly diversified nation, when we think of a Spanish garden, we frequently picture those in the Andalusian region and the southern islands, which tourists frequently visit. Put in tier-style fountains, Moorish accents, Cantera statues, Saltillo tiles, terracotta pots, wrought iron, and mosaics if you desire such a landscape. Arched entrances, reflecting pools, geometric courtyards, and symmetrical plant beds would also be perfect. Trimmed hedges, cacti and succulents, bougainvillea, hibiscus, yucca, kalanchoe, and lavender are common examples of plants.

Living in The Hamptons

You’ll need a romantic cottage-style tangle of plants in a traditional grey, blue, and white floral palette, white-washed wood outdoor furniture, linens, and outdoor fabrics in nautical colours, as well as provisions for al fresco dining, if you want to recreate a New England beach town in your backyard. You might choose from hydrangeas, decorative grass, and specialised shrubs. As is customary in the Hamptons, think of incorporating a vegetable garden as well.

With Mark Browning Landscape Design, we can help you experience a taste of your dream destination by transforming your backyard garden. Contact us today for a consultation.

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