The Importance of  Site Analysis Before a Landscaping Project

26 March 2020

Site analysis is the process of taking pictures of the property and noting all of the key elements on-site such as existing structures and plant material, site views, water issues or anything else that may affect the design. Such a process is important before a landscaping project to ensure a smooth workflow. Below are the other reasons why site analysis is important before a landscaping project. Site Analysis Can Give You The Basis for a Landscaping Design A part of the site analysis is figuring out the footprint. Contractors start with the basic dimensions and shape of your property. Then […]

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Multi-Garden Design Ideas for Your Landscaping Project

06 March 2020

Multi-garden designs can make an impact in any house or property but are particularly helpful in a situation where you are working with a hilly yard space or if your property is set on a slope. Multi-gardens can be applied to just about any size property and can be great for small spaces since you can create the effect of a wider area by creating a layered garden oasis. Multi-gardens utilise whatever existing space and features that are apparent in your existing garden to create a huge visual impact. While many see an uneven area as a challenge or drawback, […]

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Important Considerations in Landscaping Materials Selection

28 February 2020

Landscaping, in itself, is already a big and complicated project. Such necessitates a lot of prior planning and decision-making. With that said, one of the biggest decisions you have to make in landscaping is the materials selection. Here are important considerations in landscaping materials selection. Ask Landscaping Material-Related Questions Preparing questions that you should ask landscaping companies is a great way to ensure that you get all the information you need before choosing the materials for your landscaping project, and any reputable landscaping company will be happy to give you lots of information and advice to help you choose. Plan […]

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How is Sustainable Landscaping Done?

07 February 2020

Sustainable landscaping is a unique way to let nature beautify your home. It may take a little extra planning, but by using sustainable landscaping practices, you can spend less time working on your lawn and more time enjoying it. Below are ways on how to do sustainable landscaping. Wise Plant Selection The plants you choose have to be well-adapted to your local environment. Every landscape has those plants that just won’t thrive. If you have plants that need a lot of nurturing, it might mean they’re not right for your climate. Replace them with plants that will do better with […]

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Hard Landscaping Design Ideas for Front Gardens

20 January 2020

Hard landscaping is comprised of the hard components of the landscape. This includes the large pieces of hard material that make up the bulk of the “bones” of landscape materials namely rocks, stones and masonries. These landscape materials are essential in creating a sense of space that ties the garden and landscape to the rest of the outdoor area and the entire property. More often than not, hard landscaping is among the least prioritised details in front gardens because most homeowners remain unaware of its importance. Hard landscaping serves as the foundation of everything you build in your garden. Aside […]

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