Upgrade Your Residential Landscape with Mark Browning Landscape Design Studio

21 November 2022

When you step outside, do you always see the same old yard? Do you long for a change? Do you believe your guests are no longer drawn to it in the same manner they were when it was first constructed a few years ago? Or do you want to boost the market worth of your house without spending a lot of money on enhancing its kerb appeal? If you find yourself in this predicament, it’s time to think about upgrading your residential landscape with Mark Browning Landscape Design Studio. You should upgrade your landscape with our assistance for the following […]

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Turn Your Landscapes into A Dream Holiday Destination

08 November 2022

Is there a place in the world that you enjoy or would like to visit for a leisurely vacation? What if you made your garden your favourite place so that you could easily reach a portion of that beauty right on your property? The following are excellent suggestions for you to use or use as inspiration if you want a lavish, destination-themed landscape design that is ideal for entertaining. Beauty and Mystique of Bali By using features like tropical flora (flowers like bougainvillea and hibiscus, short palm trees, rainforest ferns, and lots of bamboos), giant clay jars, teakwood decks, and […]

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How To Elevate Your Landscape Using Outdoor Lighting

24 October 2022

Do you stay away from your outside spaces once the sun goes down because there isn’t enough light? Your landscape may appear lifeless, chilly, or even eerie at night or on overcast days. No matter the weather or time of day, outdoor lighting can make a huge difference by illuminating your outdoor areas and enhancing the welcoming atmosphere of your home. Landscape lighting might be the best option if you want to increase the kerb appeal of your property, make your patio and walkways more visible and safer, or make your outdoor furniture more attractive at night. By reading on, […]

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6 Stunning Pool Side Landscaping Ideas

10 October 2022

Now that you have a pool, surround it with lush plants to create a luxury retreat. However, plants around a swimming pool should be chosen with care. Something lovely at 2 feet tall can swiftly grow and drop leaves and debris into your pool in a matter of years. When selecting plants for your pool area, whether for seclusion or adornment, there are three primary factors to consider: They should complement, integrate, and blend in with the rest of your landscaping and home. They should be simple to keep clean and safe for children and pets. They should be able […]

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How to Start a Landscape Design Project for Your Garden?

26 September 2022

The year’s best entertainment months have started. It’s a perfect time to relax in your garden, whether you’re entertaining your extended family for a barbeque or just want to enjoy your outdoor space. It’s time to complete your landscaping to breathe fresh life into your yard, but where should you begin? Here are some basic garden design tips to get you started! Know Your Landscape Goals None of these landscaping design suggestions will be useful if you are unsure of the goals for your newly renovated garden. Before you begin digging, it is time to start planning. What do you […]

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