How To Elevate Your Landscape Using Outdoor Lighting

24 October 2022

Do you stay away from your outside spaces once the sun goes down because there isn’t enough light? Your landscape may appear lifeless, chilly, or even eerie at night or on overcast days. No matter the weather or time of day, outdoor lighting can make a huge difference by illuminating your outdoor areas and enhancing the welcoming atmosphere of your home.

Landscape lighting might be the best option if you want to increase the kerb appeal of your property, make your patio and walkways more visible and safer, or make your outdoor furniture more attractive at night. By reading on, let’s learn how to use outdoor lighting with Mark Browning Landscape Design to create both beauty and functionality for your landscape.

Draw A Picture of Your Idea

Do you want to use landscape lighting to make something wonderful in your backyard? However, you find yourself pondering where to begin when seated on your lawn and evaluating the area. Grab a piece of paper and a pencil and try to draw the idea you have in mind. Make a drawing of your ideal backyard. Drawing a rough outline of your yard doesn’t require you to be the next Picasso. Remember to include any existing lighting, decorations, and foliage in your sketch.

Know The Type and How Much Light You Need

Do you reside in a metropolis with nearby neighbours and streetlights or a more rural location with no lights at all? Are you expecting to light up the entire outdoor living space, or are you just interested in lighting a pathway and a few bushes in your front yard? When you first start looking at outdoor lighting options, these are crucial questions to ask yourself. Your unique preferences and objectives will influence the type of lighting you want and the size of your project.

Carefully Plan Your Idea in Mind

Create a plan before deciding anything for sure. The design of the landscape is a crucial part of every project. More lighting may be required for some buildings than others. You might need more lights if your landscape lighting plan incorporates a pathway. Imagine a row of spike lights encircling the walkway. Planning reduces the possibility of unforeseen problems while also enabling you to visualise the end product before installation starts.

Try Different Techniques

Play around with various lighting options once the lights are set up and a broad scheme is in place. You can use various landscape lighting design options to light up your area. Shadowing, area lighting, silhouetting, and uplighting are a few of these methods of outdoor landscape lighting. Lighting an object from above or the front can create a shadow. When you use silhouette lighting, you bury lights in bushes or under trees. Uplighting is the practice of mounting lights near the base of a building or landscape element so that the light is directed upward. To fine-tune your lighting design, it’s a good idea to try out several locations and methods.

Work with Mark Browning Landscape Design

Working with an expert company like Mark Browning Landscape Design is the best way to ensure your project turns out the way you want. While some homeowners choose to plan their design themselves and head to their neighbourhood home improvement store for supplies, this is not always the best option. Complexity exists with outdoor lighting. You need to be conscious of factors like safety, drainage problems, and energy efficiency, in addition to having an eye for design and knowledge of the various types of outdoor lighting and how to choose them. The best method to guarantee your project’s easy and successful completion is to collaborate with our team of experts. Check out our process and call us at 0417 301 824 for consultation.

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