Upgrade Your Residential Landscape with Mark Browning Landscape Design Studio

21 November 2022

When you step outside, do you always see the same old yard? Do you long for a change? Do you believe your guests are no longer drawn to it in the same manner they were when it was first constructed a few years ago? Or do you want to boost the market worth of your house without spending a lot of money on enhancing its kerb appeal?

If you find yourself in this predicament, it’s time to think about upgrading your residential landscape with Mark Browning Landscape Design Studio. You should upgrade your landscape with our assistance for the following reasons:

We Can Provide Added Functionality

While spring is in full bloom, upgrading your residential landscape design can produce an entirely different atmosphere for you to enjoy your time outdoors. However, thinking about how you want to use your upgraded space as you plan your project is crucial. Planning a walkway that brings guests inside your house, a parking place big enough for all your cars, and an open area for the kids to play outside are a few examples. Our landscape design services can help you add much-needed functionality to your outdoor space if your current landscaping is more of a showpiece, does not exude a welcoming atmosphere to guests, or prevents your children or dogs from playing freely in your yard.

We Can Increase Your Return on Investment

Residential landscape design enhances your house’s kerb appeal and adds aesthetic value. Compared to all the other houses in the same neighbourhood, a property with professionally landscaped grounds might sell for much more money. Think of outdoor kitchens, stone patios, and fire pits. Thanks to all these features, you may live in your house with greater convenience, comfort, and entertainment. A higher return on investment is also guaranteed if you decide to sell it after spending money to upgrade the landscaping.

We Can Help Improve the Way You See Your Outdoor

While upgrading your residential landscape design undoubtedly makes guests to your home envious, it also significantly enhances how you view your outdoor space from the inside. For instance, a carefully placed bush can easily conceal the view of the trash cans your neighbours have placed outside. You can also list all the other eyesores you don’t want passers-by to view through your windows, and we can help you conceal them using our ability, knowledge and creativity.

We Can Provide an Extra Layer of Privacy

We can build a shelter of plants, lush green trees, or artificial fencing around your property to keep you safe from all these unwelcome outdoor elements if you feel that your outdoor space lacks the privacy you want from your neighbours or their noisy pets.

Is any of these factors made you consider improving your residential landscaping, but you’re not sure which residential landscape design would be best for your home? In that case, our specialists are available to help. At Mark Browning Landscape Design, we have serviced Southeast Melbourne homeowners with our specialised landscaping solutions.

Are you ready to upgrade the landscaping for your Southeast Melbourne home? Contact us today!

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