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Mark Browning Landscape Design

Mark Browning Landscape Design believes in the core philosophy of utilising natural materials and sustainable planting. Every garden design is an artistic collaboration of both hard and soft landscape materials, balancing aesthetics with nature to bring forth the natural wonders and beauty of an entire landscape. There is no exact formula in creating beautiful garden designs, because it is nature’s recipe, an art guided by the hardworking hands of landscape designers and gardeners. It takes good imagination and broad experience to create successful and award-winning landscape designs using sustainable materials and sensible design principles, and this is something that Mark Browning Landscape Design has been doing for so many years.

We understand the needs and requirements of our customers and our workmanship is always designed to suit your lifestyle and give you the dream garden that is more than what you have imagined it would be. From concept to completion we collaborate our creative skills, experience, and broad knowledge to inspire each other in creating award-winning and unmatched beautiful landscaped gardens for our customers.

Your garden is your haven and your peace of mind, and we are here to make your dream garden into a reality.