6 Stunning Pool Side Landscaping Ideas

10 October 2022

Now that you have a pool, surround it with lush plants to create a luxury retreat. However, plants around a swimming pool should be chosen with care. Something lovely at 2 feet tall can swiftly grow and drop leaves and debris into your pool in a matter of years. When selecting plants for your pool area, whether for seclusion or adornment, there are three primary factors to consider:

  • They should complement, integrate, and blend in with the rest of your landscaping and home.
  • They should be simple to keep clean and safe for children and pets.
  • They should be able to thrive in your native climate or your property’s microclimates.

Here are six plant options for pool landscaping that will add colour, texture, and aroma to your backyard pool.


Choose trees that will grow near a swimming pool with care, keeping in mind maximum height and width. When looking for possible trees, avoid anything with buds because they will make a mess as they lose their leaves, blooms, or fruit. A barren olive tree is an excellent option.


Succulents are becoming more popular and are being mixed in with other plants in both front and back yards. That means they can be found poolside as foundation plants that are evergreen (or whatever colour they are), sculptural in form, and hardy. Just make sure that succulents planted near pools don’t have spines (thorns or needles) that could injure children or pool-goers in bathing suits.

Container Gardens

Container gardens can be elegantly designed with plants that require similar care. They can also be moved according to the time of year, unusual weather, and special occasions. Choose tough plants that adhere to the thriller, filler, and spiller design strategy, or a single plant that stands tall in containers.

Ground Covers

Ground covers can provide texture and colour around a pool if you like plantings with a little more pizazz than turf. Most ground coverings aren’t fancy or temperamental, and they’re designed to be trampled. Try the lovely creeping Jenny as a ground cover; it grows quickly and may also be used to climb a nearby trellis. Another ground cover that is comfortable to tread on and looks exquisite between pavers around a pool or path is Scotch moss.

Evergreens and Hedges

Hedges and evergreens aren’t just for the front yard. Using them to beautify a pool area might provide numerous advantages to your backyard experience. Evergreen hedges, such as boxwoods, provide privacy, are low-maintenance, and may be clipped into fun forms. When mature, an evergreen conifer, like a fake cypress, can provide shade from the hot summer heat. Furthermore, most evergreens and hedges will not pollute your pool water, but certain arborvitae may lose needles in the fall before the pool is covered.

Rock Gardens         

Consider landscaping with attractive, fragrant, and colourful flowers, such as creeping phlox, which peep out of gaps and cracks, if you have a pool with water features such as boulders, stepping stones, and other complex hardscaping. Succulents like hens and chicks look great in a pool’s rock garden. Because the rocks may become heated if they are placed around the pool and in direct sunlight, look for plants that enjoy the heat and can withstand some drought.

If you are planning to surround a landscape on your pool know that Mark Browning Landscape Design is here to help you. We understand the needs and requirements of our customers and our workmanship is always designed to suit your lifestyle and give you the dream garden that is more than what you have imagined it would be. Contact us for an expert consultation.

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