5 Outdoor Landscaping Ideas to Enhance the Value of Your Commercial Space

08 September 2022

With the current worldwide pandemic events, people are flocking to restaurants, cafes, shops, and even malls and hotels with fresh air and spacious exteriors. Commercial properties with outdoor space are treasures.

Investing in lush plants exquisitely potted in commercial planters is an easy way to upgrade your outdoor space and create a commercial environment to see. Concentrating on your landscape may accomplish this in one of the most affordable methods possible.

Mark Browning Landscape Design gathered the following outdoor landscape ideas to enhance the value of your commercial space.

Consider Building a Patio

Patios are particularly practical since they provide consumers and staff with a place to unwind outside during pleasant weather. A patio can assist you in establishing a focal point in your landscaping and aid in drawing attention to it. The transition from the outside to the inside can be made easier by adding a patio to your building. Finally, a patio will add visual contrast to your landscape as a larger hardscaping item, improving the overall harmony of your outdoor space.

Showcase Your Landscape Using Lighting

Lighting upgrades are frequently inexpensive yet have a significant impact on business properties. It not only draws attention to the architectural details of your building but also vastly improves safety. Our landscape lighting specialists can design warm, ambient lighting that accentuates your tree canopy produces gorgeous shadows and emphasizes the loveliest flora on your property.

Add an Accessible Paved Areas

Everyone uses the walkways, driveways, and parking areas to get around your property. It might be time to repair or improve them if they are ridden with dips, lumps, and cracks. When properly planned and constructed, these hardscaping projects make excellent investments because they last for decades. It can be nice to include a small patio for employees to use during lunch breaks or to host the occasional outside meeting.

Place Planters on Your Entrance 

Frame the entryway to your commercial premises with outstanding commercial planters to make a great first impression on customers. Brightly blossoming flowering bushes beside the entry create a cheery and welcome commercial landscape, and sleek trees that frame the entrance instantly give your commercial property a contemporary feel.

Another lovely and adaptable option to spruce up the appearance of your commercial property is using planters. This is a confident approach to differentiate your company from the competition and attract customers and staff.

Level Up Your Parking Area

Most commercial buildings include parking areas. The parking lot could appear to be a little area, but it only takes a little cleaning up to change its function. For instance, people are drawn to vibrant colours, and a quick and easy approach is placing enticing flowerpots around the parking lot’s edge. Use outside planters to maintain a beautiful, professional appearance all year long.

We can help you spruce up your commercial spaces with Mark Browning Landscape Design. Creating beautiful garden designs is an art that is directed by the skilled hands of landscape architects and gardeners. There is no set method for doing so because it is nature’s recipe. To produce effective and award-winning landscape designs with eco-friendly materials and sound design principles takes creative imagination and a wealth of knowledge, which is what Mark Browning Landscape Design has been doing for many years. Contact us today!

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