Conceptualising Commercial Landscape Design: What Are the Important Elements?

28 July 2022

Business owners accentuate their front area with both softscaping and hardscaping to strengthen the image of their business as well as to complement the look of their building’s architectural design. A well-designed landscape involves a careful conceptualization of the commercial landscape design. A properly designed commercial landscape is a product of incorporating all the important elements and principles of landscape design. To create the most visually pleasing commercial landscape design, here are the important elements.


A well-designed commercial landscape will give a lasting impression and goodwill to your business. One of the important elements of commercial landscape design is the colour scheme. It is a very strong expressive element being utilised to highlight your front space’s aesthetic appeal. Colour plays a key role in effectively communicating the message behind the commercial landscape design if chosen correctly and placed strategically. The ability of colours to influence the sensation and evoke the emotions of people makes it an important factor in creating a beautiful landscape design. Colours can affect your mood most positively.


Commercial landscaping should be considered by all businesses to promote sustainability and functionality. One of the most important elements of commercial landscape design is simplicity. In conceptualising a commercial landscape design, professional landscapers strictly adhere to this principle. Adapting complex landscape designs in some instances does not mean deviating from the simplicity principle. Creating a landscape design plan that incorporates simplicity without sacrificing happiness and comfort is what a well-designed commercial landscape design is all about.


The form is about the shapes in your garden. The right selection of forms in planning your commercial landscape design creates the most natural pattern which in turn, will contribute to the overall look of your garden as well as your building structure.


Whereas the texture is about the look of your naturescape.  Texture helps create harmony and uniformity in your overall landscape design. Texture plays the role of expressing the quality of the materials of your commercial landscape. It Is also an important element of commercial landscape design that greatly influences behaviours even if it only refers to the appearance or surface of a material. The combinations of different textures in a commercial landscape design can greatly evoke different moods and feelings.


Lines are equally important in commercial landscape design which helps create a visual effect and clues to any observer. It provides a sense of rhythm which binds all the key landscape design elements altogether and as a result, creates continuity and harmony. Therefore, lines greatly help in unifying all the elements incorporated in the landscape design layout to provide visual interest.


Creating a sense of balance in your commercial landscape design is also an important commercial landscape design element. The two types of balance are symmetrical and asymmetrical. The former is commonly applied in formal landscape projects which use geometric patterns and appears to be stiffer and tidier. The latter, on the other hand, is also known as informal balance and has a more free-flowing and relaxing feature.

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