How Can Your Location Pave Way to Successful Landscaping?

11 October 2021

A lot of residential properties have outdoors spaces that are still vacant. Some homeowners may utilise these spaces in generating extra outdoor kitchens or entertainment areas. Others, alternatively, may want to use them in acquiring a beautiful landscape.

If you are one of those homeowners who want to acquire a beautiful landscape, then you must consider a lot of things first. Residential landscaping can only be successful if both softscape and hardscape elements are chosen carefully. From plants to structures and even terrains, they must all complement well with your existing home structure as well as the conditions of your location.

Certain elements of your current location, if considered and complemented carefully during the landscape planning phase, can pave the way to successful landscaping. Some of these elements are as follows:

Soil Composition

One element of your location that must be accounted for during the landscape planning phase is the soil composition. Since your landscaping will be filled with plants and trees, the soil of your current location must be capable of handling their nutrient needs. Your location has good soil if it has sufficient depth and nutrient supply. It is also great for your landscaping if it has excellent drainage and low weed pressure. It must likewise be free from chemicals or toxins that can cause harm to your greeneries. Generally, your soil must be fertile, well-drained, and levelled for your landscaping to be perfect.

Supply of Water

Directly related to your location’s soil composition, your outdoor space must have a sufficient water supply for your landscaping to work. Plants and trees can only thrive in your landscape area if it has enough supply of water. The existence of a good water supply next to your outdoor area means that your softscape elements can survive. Aside from fulfilling the water needs of your greeneries, the existence of a stable water supply gives you an option to add water features to your landscape.

Sunlight Amount

Sunlight is another element of your location that must be checked thoroughly. Even if your place obtains enough sunlight, your landscape may not be functional and appealing if the light does not reach your plants and trees. The light from the sun helps in ensuring the survival of your greeneries. So, if you have structures nearby that block the sunlight, then it would be best to take them down first. If the structures, however, are not from your property, then you may have to look for an alternative landscape plan.

Home Proximity

One more element of your potential landscaping location that you must consider is the proximity of your home to the landscaping. The place where your greeneries will be planted must be near your house for easy harvest. Having your plants and trees planted near your home can likewise provide you and your family great outdoor view. The temperature of your property is even reduced as long as your nearby landscape has healthy softscape elements and energy-efficient hardscape elements.

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