How to Fully Maximise Natural Light in Your Landscape Design?

25 October 2021

Home properties often have outdoor spaces that can be converted into beautiful landscape areas. And with these areas, they would typically be filled with greeneries that make the whole place look lively and feel healthy. Appealing landscape areas also boast hardscape elements like retaining walls, paver patios, water features, decks, and others for these places to be more functional and valuable.

The combination of softscape and hardscape elements can truly make an outdoor place appealing and functional. But to further enhance their overall value, contractors who are generating landscape designs should also incorporate natural elements. One of the natural elements that the contractors should prioritise when coming up with great landscape designs is natural lighting.

If you want to integrate a landscape into your area, then you should maximise natural lighting. Here are some helpful ways on how to utilise natural light in your landscape.

Monitor Sunlight Duration

Before you can fully maximise natural light in your landscape area, you must first monitor the duration of sunlight that your place receives. Softscape elements can only thrive well if they receive an ample amount of sunlight. If you decide to add some greeneries without considering the sunlight situation, then they might only wither and die. When monitoring the duration of the sunlight your area receives, you can check the total amount of hours that the sunlight is present. Afterwards, you can adjust whether you want to fill your landscape area with greeneries or opt instead for hardscape elements.

Utilise Shadows Properly

Whenever opaque objects block the light source from passing through, they would cast some shadows on the area. Shadows in your landscape area will be normal. However, you can still regulate them based on the average positioning of the sun in your area. Shadows can be regulated to ensure that your landscape area will not be too bright. By placing hardscape elements strategically, you can effectively extend the shadows and ensure that your landscape area boasts a beautiful appeal. Your plants and trees can even cast unique shadow shapes that can further enhance your landscape look.

Generate Sufficient Shade

One more great way of utilising and maximising natural light in your landscape is to generate enough shade. Shade can help in ensuring that your landscape area will feel cosy and comfortable, even if your place is hit directly by the sunlight. With sufficient shade, the temperature of your landscape area will be at optimum temperatures, which can be great for those who want to stay outside during sunny days. Ample shading can also help some greeneries survive the outdoors, despite facing the hottest months of the year. Some elements that can help generate enough shade include tall trees and awnings.

A landscape that embraces the natural light conditions can surely attain great looks and valuable functions. If you need help with your landscape design, you can always contact us at Mark Browning Landscape Design. We have been operating for more than 16 years, providing landscape design services. Along with landscape design, we also incorporate several other services related to the landscape industry including materials selection advice and sourcing.

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