What are the Key Elements to a Good Landscape Design

04 November 2019

When you think of landscaping, the very first thing that comes to mind is placing plants in your yard or garden. At first glance, landscaping may be that simple. However, a landscape not only brings greenery to our lives, it also gives us a lot of life benefits.

A beautiful landscape can enhance your sense of well-being and lifestyle. You get to feel that you are connected with nature, a kind of comfort that everyone desires from a very tiring day. Just by visiting your beautiful backyard landscape, it automatically sets your mind and body to a more peaceful state since all your basic senses get to experience the harmonious relationship between plants, trees, and other objects that are present in your yard.

If you are convinced that you need a good landscape on your home, here are the following key elements you should look for when presented with landscape designs.


One of the most important of all design elements is the lines. Lines serve as the guiding principle and framework of your landscape composition. From the orientation and position of your trees and plants, to the lines created by your lawn, all these elements come together to form an eye-pleasing environment. Aside from horizontal and vertical lines, a landscape design must also include line elements that are straight and curved in nature.


Since your backyard is mostly made up of physical materials, some tend to forget the wonders both light and shade brings to the landscape. The light from the environment, as well as the shadows from your objects, can illuminate your landscape depending on the time of the day. For example, you can feel the day closing in when the orange skies fill in the entire landscape.

And if you have enough money, you may also want to add artificial lighting to the landscape. With this, you get to enjoy your garden even in the middle of the night.


From all the objects involved in your landscape, a good combination of colours can evoke mood and reflect the season effectively. Warm colours like red and orange can give you a feeling of closeness to the objects. On the contrary, cool colours like blues and greens can make your objects feel like they are drawing back. You can experiment with these colour elements to give your landscape depth and perspective.

This specific element will affect the placement and the behaviour of your plants and flowers. Even furniture such as tables and chairs must meet the colour scheme desired for the landscape.


All of the mentioned elements have their specific attributes that can make your landscape appealing to human eyes. However, a balance must be made among all of them to achieve equal an appreciation of all the things present in your yard. Without balance, your eyes will most likely fixate on a particular direction that has overexposed elements, wasting the space of your entire backyard.

There are more elements that must be considered when designing a landscape. This is why Mark Browning Landscape Design is ready to help you with your landscaping projects. Contact us to know more about landscaping and if you want to transform your backyard into something relaxing and refreshing.

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