Top 4 Landscaping Mistakes You Should Avoid

02 December 2021

A landscape is an outdoor feature that can easily increase the value of any property, especially if it has been designed and built properly.

When designing and building a landscape, property owners should ensure that it boasts certain qualities. First, a landscape should have a beautiful appearance. Since it is found outdoors, it must possess astonishing softscape and hardscape elements that can make the whole property stand out. Another quality that a landscape should contain is a welcoming atmosphere. Property occupants, visitors, and other people should be able to feel invited and welcomed whenever they see the landscaping elements. Of course, a good landscape should also be functional and practical.

If you are thinking of adding a high-quality landscape to your property, then here are some common mistakes that your landscape should avoid.

  1. Follow a Symmetric Arrangement

One mistake that you should avoid is to follow a symmetric arrangement. Some people believe that arranging trees and other greeneries symmetrically can make their landscape look neat. This fact can be true. However, doing this might only cause some issues along the way, especially during their maintenance. Arranging your greeneries symmetrically means that you must keep them pruned all the time, which would only cost you a lot of time and money. Following an asymmetric and uneven look on your greeneries, alternatively, can give you a more beautiful landscape without any upkeep concerns.

  1. Placing Many Garden Ornaments

Garden ornaments tend to match the soft landscape elements of a landscape. Hence, they are expected to be installed in key places of the said outdoor feature. But if the quantity of these accessories has become too much, then they will only ruin the whole landscape. Placing too many garden ornaments can make your landscape distracting, affecting the overall value of your property. Just pick quality garden ornaments that can work well with your place instead of bombarding it with a lot of cheap and ugly ones.

  1. Picking Plants and Trees Randomly

Another mistake that you must avoid at all costs is to pick plants and trees randomly. While a lot of plants and trees are truly beautiful, not all of them mature similarly. Not knowing the mature plant size of your greeneries will only cost you some trouble in terms of maintenance. Some of your plants might grow significantly, which can block the view of your property. Others, alternatively, may have some roots that invade the foundation of your property. Conducting some research about the mature plant size of your favourite or preferred greeneries can be a great way to avoid this specific mistake.

  1. Keep Utilities Visible and Exposed

Utility boxes, septic systems, and other related elements are essential to ensure that your property can work and operate optimally. However, if they remain visible after adding a landscape, then they will only decrease the overall looks and value of your newly built outdoor feature. With the help of landscaping professionals, you can easily hide these things by planting a hedge along with them. Other hard landscaping elements can also be installed so they can be hidden smartly.

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