Retaining Wall Ideas and Material Choices for a Stunning Landscape Design

28 August 2020

One aspect of properties that is still prevalent today is the retaining walls. Retaining walls are constructed to entirely support the soil laterally and hold back all its materials. They restrain the movement of the soil and water so that they will not move downhill due to erosion triggered by earth filling, liquid pressure, sand, and others. These walls can also keep the appearance of landscaping intact.

Most of the retaining walls before are constructed out of concrete. Concrete is deemed as the best material for these walls since it can be extremely durable against weather elements as well as the impact of erosion. The porosity of concrete is also exceptional, allowing it to withstand the damaging effects of water and moisture of the soil. But despite these advantages, concrete retaining walls were frowned upon before as they do not possess eye-pleasing appearance.

Fortunately, there are numerous modern retaining wall ideas and material choices that you can pick and choose to make your landscape design stunning and mesmerising to look at.

Colourful Blocks

A retaining wall that is full of colours can immediately uplift the mood of your landscape design. Contrary to the usual pattern structure of stones and rocks, installing coloured block stones in a haphazard layout can simply make the retaining wall more refreshing and comfortable to the eyes. These coloured stones can even match the existing colour scheme of the property, making the retaining wall fully integrated.

Stone Staircases

Retaining walls do not have to be walls all the time. Sometimes, they need to be redesigned for them to obtain more complexities and functionalities. One modification that can be done to the walls is to integrate stone staircases. Aside from keeping the soil in place in your landscaping, the inclusion of stone staircases to your walls allows you to break the monotony of having a standard, plain structure. The stairs also allow you to gain access to the lower and upper levels of your landscape.

Sandstone Bricks

The plain looks of sandstone may turn off some people but using them for retention walls may evoke strong antique vibes. The appearance of sandstone bricks resembles the looks of the structures that were built centuries ago, which is why using them in retention walls can add a historical touch to a landscape design. They can likewise make the retaining wall strong because of their sturdy composition.

Stone Pebbles

Maximising natural stone pebbles in designing and constructing retaining walls can make the whole landscaping look exciting and energetic. These materials can come in a wide variety of colours. Once all of them are used in creating retaining walls, they can ultimately emit a multicolour mosaic that is way too beautiful to not look at. Staircases made from the same natural stone pebbles can also be constructed within the beautiful retaining walls.

Flat Stone Walls

Large, irregular pieces of stones can also be used in constructing a retaining wall. These huge stone pieces can bring a rugged, natural look to the walls, which is beneficial for those who want a wall that is closer to the environment. Additionally, flat stone walls can also appear modern, which perfectly complements the appearance of most homes and landscapes today.

These retaining wall ideas and material choices can certainly make most of the landscapes look stunning and maximise functionalities. If you intend to have these ideas and materials, you may want to consult an expert to carry out retaining wall construction smoothly.

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