Melbourne Landscaping: Combining Western Aesthetics to Create Your Own Zen Garden

16 December 2019

The concept of Zen gardens originated in Japan as a way of life and is associated with stress reduction. It is supposed to evoke feelings of tranquillity, calmness and peace. It is perceived to have mental as well as psychological health benefits. Below are the ways you can combine western aesthetics to create your own Zen garden.

Water Features

Carefully decide on a water feature that best suits your preference. The water feature will serve as the very centrepiece of your design, so you have to choose wisely. Consider the weather condition in your area in selecting your water feature. Hand-chiselled natural stone fountains are some of the most talked-about garden elements. If you have a very large area to landscape, you might even consider a waterfall or a pond. Your Zen garden will look in its absolute best if you factor in the environment in choosing your water feature.

Garden Elements

Draw out your plans for the garden. Now that you have chosen a water feature, you can plan other elements around it. Make sure to incorporate pathways to connect all your elements, and use spray paint to mark out where your boulders will be. You should also remove any debris or unwanted landscaping. Since your garden will be a work of art, you need to begin with a clean slate as if you are working on a blank canvas.

Boulder Selection and Placement

You may want to choose at least one central boulder that you really love, and it may be worth spending a bit more on it. Other boulders can be smaller and more budget-friendly if you desire. Think of them as islands in your garden-ocean, using both high and low-profile boulders in sets of three or five. Placing boulders is the first step in your project. Make sure you are certain about where you want them to be because it is a lot harder to move them later on. It is a Japanese tradition to include stone borders, along the edge of the house or along pathways.

Pathway Connection

Use a crushed rock otherwise known as gravel to cover walking paths and any larger areas. If desired, add stepping stones on top. Arrange the rock with a rake in areas not being walked on. This is your chance to create the ripple effect that evokes the feeling of an ocean.

Plant Selection

Incorporating more decorative rock into your garden means you’ll need lesser plants to fill the area and you’ll be saving yourself future maintenance. Choose a few favourites to invest in, and ensure your plants are able to thrive in your climate.

We at Mark Browning Landscape Design believe that your garden is your haven and your peace of mind, and we are here to make your dream Zen garden into a reality.

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