Key Elements of a Beautiful Landscape Design

11 February 2021

A backyard with a beautiful landscape design is mostly recognised as one of the most valuable parts of properties. Whether it is for commercial properties or home properties, a landscape can truly boost the overall appearance of these places. It can likewise promote environmental benefits thanks to the presence of greeneries. With an efficient landscape, people can surely enjoy its accompanying benefits.

A landscape is typically comprised of elements and materials that make it beneficial for properties, environment, and the people around. Some things that are usually found on a landscape are healthy trees, elevated areas, fences, and additional structures. But to make these things great for landscape, several elements must be considered and incorporated carefully.

Some key elements of a beautiful landscape design are the following.


The lines of a landscape can flawlessly control the movement around the area. From its walkways to flower beds, all these things can be arranged so that people can recognise the path they should take while roaming around the landscape. Lines can likewise highlight notable landscape features such as pond or pool. This specific element can divert people’s attention as it can take any shape. Lines are normally represented through hardscape features like pavers and natural stones.


Another fundamental element of a beautiful landscape is its form. It basically refers to the shape of the softscape and hardscape features. Softscape features, which are mostly greeneries, can be upright, groundcover, round, or freeform. Hardscape features, which are man-made materials, can be modified in a wide variety of shapes and heights. Utilising both the softscape and hardscape features can surely create a form that can make a landscape appealing for a specific property.


Maximising both the softscape and hardscape materials does not only have to deal with form, but they can also be useful in defining the texture of a landscape. Some plants or trees tend to have hard, soft, or fine texture. They may even come in heavy, light, rough, or smooth form factor. Mixing and combining notable features of both softscape and hardscape features can easily create a landscape that has multiple layers of astonishing feel and experience.


A landscape can only be appealing and functional if it also considers the overall colour or theme of its included materials and objects. When it comes to designing a landscape, a lot of people must consider the colours of the flowers and plants, especially once the season changes. Matching the hardscape features with these colour changes from softscape features can certainly make a landscape stand out compared to other landscape designs.


A landscape that has hardscape and softscape features with almost the same height can look dull and boring. Hence, landscape design professionals often choose and pick features that have varying heights and widths so that a landscape can obtain some depth and complexity. Take note, however, that the scale of the landscape must fit with the size of an existing property to avoid overdoing it.

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