How to Keep Your Landscaping Low Maintenance and Carefree

15 January 2021

Adding a beautiful landscape in your backyard or garden can essentially boost the value and appearance of a property. This specific feature can even provide health benefits to families and other people. The presence of greeneries can also make a place more environmentally friendly.

All the advantages of having a landscape can be appreciated by a lot of property owners and their respective families and friends. And to make it more beneficial, property owners have the option to make the landscape easier to maintain and preserve. Keeping the landscaping low maintenance and carefree, after all, can save a huge amount of time, money, and other valuable resources.

To help you keep a carefree landscape, then here are some things that you can do to achieve it.

Integrate Ground Cover

One of the things that you can do to obtain a carefree landscape is to add ground cover. Ground covers can serve as a permanent replacement to grass, allowing you to have a good-looking lawn without exerting too much effort in cleaning it every day. Ground covers are recommended for shady, hot, and rock areas since they can easily endure the mentioned conditions.

Invest in Mulch

Mulch can be very helpful in having carefree landscaping as it can cover bare spots. It can also help in keeping enough moisture in the soil, allowing you to not worry about watering the place all the time. The addition of mulch to your landscape can likewise cut the presence of weeds significantly. When investing in mulch, you may want to opt for shredded bark or compost as they can offer benefits to your soil. Inorganic materials such as stones and pebbles can also be used as mulch.

Go for Native Plants

The maintenance of your landscape can be cut down tremendously if you will be going for native plants. Native plants, as the name implies, are intended to live with your climate conditions. And so, going for these plants allows you to have a landscape that does not have to be maintained frequently. After all, a lot of native plants do not even need a huge amount of fertiliser or watering for them to live.

Choose Porous Materials

Hardscape elements in landscaping such as patios, walkways, and others can be made from different reliable materials. However, to obtain a carefree landscape, you may want to choose materials that are porous so they can easily allow water to reach the plants. The use of porous materials can ultimately allow the soil to be stable, minimising erosion incidents and runoffs. Some porous materials that you may want to consider include stone, gravel, permeable pavers, and organic mulches.

Add Water Features

The addition of water features on your landscape can be very helpful when it comes to making it low maintenance. Since they do not need to be fertilised, trimmed, and mowed, their appearance and functions would just stay the same throughout their service lives. They can even provide added benefits to landscape given that these water features are both attractive and functional.

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