Hedge Landscaping Ideas that Will Add Appeal to Your Melbourne Garden

09 November 2020

One type of landscaping that a lot of homeowners utilise today is hedge landscaping. Hedge, in general, is a line of uniformed sized shrubs, ornamental plants, and trees that are closely planted to effectively form a barrier or boundary of a property. Aside from marking a property barrier or boundary, hedges can also serve as windbreaks and separate roads from adjoining fields or areas.

Homeowners would usually opt for hedge landscaping as a primary way of setting a barrier at the backside of their properties to effectively secure it. Additionally, hedge landscaping can help them hide some sites that are not appealing and unattractive. And for some location, hedge landscaping can help property owners block too much wind or noise from the surroundings.

When it comes to this type of landscaping, there are a wide variety of ideas and designs that you can do to your Melbourne garden. To help you out, here are some hedge landscaping ideas that you can follow.

Living Green Fences

As mentioned, hedge landscaping can be utilised in setting the boundaries of property areas. Therefore, you can maximise this type of landscaping as living fences that surround your home and keep it from other areas. Your hedge landscaping can boast tall plants that can serve as the marker between your home and your backyard or your property from your landscape.

Borders and Outlines

Another hedge landscaping idea that you can utilise for your home is to set it as the main border or outline of your property. Home properties are often separated by thick walls that are constructed around them. But to make these borders more exciting to look at, you can use hedge landscaping as an alternative to these common walls. Aside from tall plants and trees, your hedges can boast custom designs that would represent you and your family in your respective community.

Sleek Vertical Gardens

Hedge landscaping can be a part of your backyard or garden, which is why it can be utilised to be integrated with a vertical garden that you already possess. Alternatively, if you are still planning to create and form a vertical garden, then this would be the best time for you to invest in both hedge landscaping and vertical gardens. Having these two landscaping features can easily make your property elegant and beautiful. They can also boost the value of your property and promote health benefits to your family.

Uniquely Fun Mazes

Given the nature of hedge landscaping, it can also be maximised in creating distinctive mazes and labyrinths. Having these two unique features can make your property more exciting and even more enjoyable as they are utilised during playtime. Having mazes on your property may be not common, but they are guaranteed to make other people curious about them.

The installation of hedge landscaping must be done by an experienced and reliable landscape expert. So, if you are looking for one, then you can hire us at Mark Browning Landscape Design.


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