Garden Landscape Design Ideas for Maximum Privacy

04 December 2019

Aside from comfort and relaxation, people often see their homes as their site of security and privacy. Even in an outdoor setting wherein they simply lounge in their backyard, they still crave for a comfortable ambiance without being bothered by the risk of passersby and neighbours snooping around to watch their every move. That is why below are several garden landscape design ideas to ensure maximum privacy in their outdoor living spaces.

Solid Privacy Fences

Constructing a solid privacy fence is a common solution for privacy in a backyard landscape design. Installing one will provide maximum privacy and noise reduction while maintaining the good condition of your shrubs and plants.

Semi-Private Fences

Semi-transparent fences may not provide as much noise reduction as solid privacy fences, but they add a lot of visual interest to your landscape and allow natural light and breezes into the yard. They create a comforting sense of containment and a buffer between your backyard and your neighbour’s yard.

Stone Walls

Having a stone wall as a garden landscape design will add maximum privacy and unique visual appeal to any style home. Although the stone wall’s cost will be higher compared to building a fence, it will last a lifetime with minimal landscape maintenance.

Outdoor Fountains

Aside from drowning out the noises from your side of the fence, an outdoor fountain can mask unwanted noises and replace them with the soothing sounds of nature. Depending on the size of your yard and your budget, you can build a custom outdoor fountain or purchase a pre-made model.

Green Screens

Green screens as a garden landscape design is a great way to create a natural barrier between your backyard and your neighbour’s backyard. It can create a visual break, establish property boundaries, provide a buffer for noise and wind, hide unappealing views, soften the edges of hard scaped walls and fences and create a sense of intimacy and privacy.

Large Plants

If you want a more natural garden landscape design for maximum privacy, it is best to invest in larger plants for your backyard. Larger plants will have an immediate impact on your outdoor privacy needs. For quicker results, choose plants that are four-feet or five-feet tall, but pay close attention to growth patterns and care and maintenance requirements. Not only did you increase the privacy of your outdoor living space, you also helped promote an eco-friendly and sustainable outdoor setting.

Consult us at Mark Browning Landscape Design for your garden landscape designs for maximum privacy. We prides ourselves with sustainable and sensible design principles and we encourage our clients to strike a balance between both hard and soft landscape treatments thereby minimizing their carbon footprint and hence doing their part by cooling the environment starting in their own backyards.

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