Five Eco-friendly Landscaping Designs Ideas That You Should Consider

22 November 2019

Eco-friendly options are slowly being incorporated in our lives. They often range from the food that we eat to pretty much everything. These options are very beneficial not only to the future generation but to the ones that came before them and those that will come after. Eco-friendly options in landscaping designs are also valuable in a practical sense because they could save you money on your water bill and help the planet at the same time. Below are five eco-friendly landscaping ideas that you should consider.

Be Familiar with Your Yard

They say that awareness is key. And one basic eco-friendly landscaping design idea is to get to know what goes on in your yard. You can simply observe your yard and do some research. You have to find out the areas in your yard that receives the most amount of sunlight, given the varying climate and season conditions. Be familiar with the type of soil in your yard and research on the amount of water that is ideal for the type. From this information, you will be able to select the kind of plant needed for your yard to flourish. Through this, you will be able to save a substantial amount of water, thus, it creates an eco-friendly landscaping design.

Choose Plant that are Native in the Area

Choosing the kind of plant to tend in your yard is one of the most difficult tasks in landscaping design. However, you can easily achieve this by choosing plants that are native in your area. This is a practical method since these native plants are able to adapt to the climate of your area. They thrived there for a reason and you can easily take advantage of that.

Build a Mini-Biome

Plants are a part of the ecosystem and they always behave in that way. They co-exist with one another providing some sort of relationship wherein they help each other survive and grow. Knowing such, you can use this as an eco-friendly landscaping design wherein you will build your own plant community so that they will grow next to each other. You can opt for a diverse type of plants so that you can mimic a natural ecosystem wherein pollinators roam around encouraging natural flora and fauna.

Opt for Recycled Paving

It is natural for homeowners and landscaping enthusiasts to choose the type of backyard paving that is durable and long-lasting. However, if you want an eco-friendly design, then solid concrete—though durable will not be the advisable choice. You can choose to use permeable pavers instead since solid concrete can prevent water from flowing into the ground. You could also consider using salvaged, recycled bricks or other materials for a more eco-friendly approach.

Try Synthetic Turfs

Natural grass is indeed a good landscaping look for your yard but it can also waste water and money. Synthetic turfs can do the job while preventing water waste, especially during tough drought conditions.

We at Mark Browning Landscape Design prides ourselves with sustainable and sensible design principles and we encourage our clients to strike a balance between both hard and soft landscape treatments thereby minimizing their carbon footprint and hence doing their part by cooling the environment starting in their own backyards.

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