Different Ways to Create Sustainable Landscaping in Melbourne

30 July 2020

While the indoor space of most properties is intended to showcase the design preference of property owners, most people still want to redesign their outdoor space and integrate landscaping. Natural elements like the view of the sun and the surrounding, green grass and plants, beautiful flowers, sweet fragrances, and others are only possible with landscaping.

Landscaping provides tons of benefits to property owners. It can easily provide cooler temperatures due to the existence of grass and trees. They can easily reduce glare through windows, provide a natural shade, and absorb heat from the surrounding. Landscaping can also supply fresh air, prevent erosion, improve quality of life, and offer economic benefits.

You can easily obtain all the associated benefits of landscaping if you make it sustainable. Here are some ways that you can do to create sustainable landscaping in Melbourne.

Modify Lawn Maintenance Practices

Changing lawn maintenance practices can make your landscape sustainable. One practice that you can do is to mow higher to shade out weeds. You may also want to mulch clippings on the lawn so that the soil will have more nutrients, reducing fertiliser use. Water can also be conserved if you decrease irrigation activities. You can water your lawn in the morning so that any evaporation loss will be reduced. To lessen maintenance works, you may want to use lawn alternatives like moss or sedge.

Regulate Fertiliser and Pesticide Use

Lawns are typically maintained with water, fertilisers, and pesticides. While the last two products help keep the lawn healthy and free from pests, they can also contribute to water and air pollution. Therefore, you must reduce their usage. The only time you can use fertiliser is if the soil is low in needed nutrients. And as an alternative, you may want to use compost to provide nutrients to the soil. The use of pesticides must also be limited or even avoided since they can be harmful to people and animals.

Embrace and Plant Indigenous Plants

There are families of plants and trees used in landscaping that come from different regions and areas. The chances of these plants’ survival are most likely high. However, the use of much closer and more familiar plants and trees can bring more lively results. Native and indigenous plants have already adapted to the local climate and soil conditions. Native animals are also accustomed to their growth. So, if you embrace these types of plants, you can expect your landscaping to have a fuller and greener set of plants and trees.

Utilise More Naturalistic Designs

Another great way to acquire sustainable landscaping is to utilise more naturalistic designs. Conventional gardens and lawns have structures that follow geometric shapes and symmetrical arrangements. Achieving both elements would require a lot of maintenance since plants, trees, and other natural elements are controlled. Landscaping with a natural design, on the other hand, does not have to control anything. It just imitates and follows the natural growth of plants and trees.

Creating sustainable landscaping in Melbourne can be easily done through these mentioned ways. There are also more other great ways to make your landscape sustainable and lively. If you want to have sustainable landscaping, feel free to contact us at Mark Browning Landscape Design.

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