Common Landscaping Myths and Misconceptions

28 January 2021

Landscaping has provided many benefits to property owners. The elements included in most landscaping projects have helped properties cut down heat. Landscaping has also given significant improvements when it comes to the quality of life, especially to those who are living with one. This specific feature has likewise helped in preventing erosion, which is said to be the main source of property damages.

But despite all the benefits landscaping has provided to property owners, other people still have some reservations about the idea of planning the landscaping feature. They even have numerous myths and misconceptions about landscaping. Some of these myths and misconceptions are as follows:

Greeneries Are Only Added for Design

Trees and plants are truly beautiful once they are arranged properly in a specific area or location. However, their inclusion in landscaping is not only limited to their look and appeal. These greeneries offer tremendous improvements over the temperature of a property. With trees and plants around, they can easily decrease the temperature of a property even during the summer season. They can likewise create a natural shade to specific parts of the property. Their inclusion and their respective benefits allow property owners to have significant savings when it comes to energy consumption.

Landscaping Can be Built Separately

While landscaping can be truly built separately, it is normally designed and planned based on the existing structures and systems around the property. From the water flow of the site to the slope of the site, a lot of elements of the property nearby are considered to make sure that the landscaping features can work flawlessly with them. The relationship between soft and hard landscaping materials must be planned thoroughly so that the outdoor space will be much more functional and eye-catching. The needs of property owners and occupants are also considered in terms of landscape design.

Upkeep is Easier with Shorter Lawns

Many property owners believe that landscapes with shorter lawns are easier to maintain and upkeep. Hence, they will just cut the grass with the lowest blade setting. But what they do not know is that keeping the grass short will, unfortunately, allow them to grow faster. And as they grow faster, the amount of time and energy that must be consumed in maintaining the landscape will be higher than keeping the lawn at an optimal height. When it comes to cutting the grass, property owners should set the mower blade for about 2 to 3 inches so that the maintenance requirements will also be regulated properly.

Tree Stumps Do Not Cause Any Harm

A lot of property owners who own landscape features do not consider tree stumps as harmful. As a matter of fact, they would just leave them there and ignore them completely. But what these property owners do not know is that tree stumps can actually cause harm. The existence of tree stumps can negatively affect the appeal of a property. Additionally, these tree stumps can attract new trees to grow, which can destroy the planned landscaping design. They can also allow destructive pests to be around the property. Given their negative effects, tree stumps on the landscaping must be removed right away.

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