5 Ways to Enhance the Surroundings of Your Pool

08 March 2022

One outdoor feature that has been maximised by many homeowners is a swimming pool. Swimming pools are being utilised by property owners as they can provide a recreational space for property owners and their respective families. They can likewise improve the value of properties.

Now, to ensure that the pool area can remain functional, valuable, and safe, homeowners are advised to surround it with appropriate landscaping elements. Without these elements, the surroundings of pool areas can become hazardous for anyone. These areas may likewise become too plain, which can somehow affect the overall appeal and value of the properties.

If you currently utilise a swimming pool, here are some great ways to enhance its surroundings.

  1. Integrate a Timber Deck

One way to enhance the surroundings of your pool is to integrate a cool looking deck. What is great about decking is it can generate a great focal point for a garden. It is also more affordable to construct as opposed to paving and other similar landscaping elements. If you want to install a cool looking deck, you may want to utilise timber materials that are water-resistant, lightweight, and versatile.

  1. Incorporate LED Lights

A swimming pool is often located in an area where natural light is maximised. But as the sun goes down, the pool is often left without any lighting. The only thing that can illuminate its area is the lighting from your property. So, to make sure that your pool surroundings remain lit at night, you must incorporate LED lights. LED lights are highly recommended since they can shine brightly without wasting energy.

  1. Create Shady Coverage

Your swimming pool will surely be constructed in a place that receives sunlight, wind, and other elements. However, it may also be situated in an area that is easily seen by your neighbours. Since swimming activities should be private, you must do everything to ensure the privacy of your pool. Fortunately, you can create shady coverage by maximising tree hedges.

  1. Establish a Boundary

There are instances where a swimming pool is designed to look similar to other outdoor spaces. And with a seamless transition between the pool and the outdoor space, some people may not easily know that they are already on the edge of the pool. Establishing a boundary with flower beds, alternatively, can be the best way to highlight a walkway and maintain safety around your pool.

  1. Add a Non-Slip Surface

Now, to make sure that your swimming pool will be safe, a non-slip surface must be added to its surrounding. Stone slabs and pavers can be slippery, and if they are added to your pool, some people might easily slip. A non-slip surface option that can be added to your pool is a pebble-dashed floor. This floor surface must then be complemented with proper drainage to prevent water build-up.

Other things that can be added to enhance the surroundings of your pool include a seating area, concrete surfaces, and decorative walls. To know more about these options, you can call us at Mark Browning Landscape Design. We maximise sustainable and sensible design principles and encourage our clients to strike a balance between both hard and soft landscape treatments.

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