5 Reasons Why Mulching is Recommended for Your Landscape

06 August 2021

Obtaining a well-designed landscape in your property can bring you tons of benefits. For one, it can significantly enhance the appearance of your outdoor space. It can likewise regulate the temperature of your backyard as well as provide fresh air. A landscape can even add substantial value to your property, granting you a great return on investment once you decide to sell it in the future.

A landscape, however, can only bring these benefits to you if it has great softscape elements. The softscape elements of your landscape, which are comprised of trees, plants, and other similar living things, must all thrive well in your property so they can remain beautiful and healthy.

One way to ensure the survival of your softscape elements is through mulching. Mulching is a technique that covers the soil surface with mulches, which are comprised of wood chips, leaves, and other organic materials. This specific technique can be great for your landscape due to the following reasons:

Boosts Soil Nutrients

One of the reasons why mulching can be great for your landscape is that it can boost the nutrients in your soil. Mulches like wood chips and leaves are often packed with nutrients once decomposed, which are very helpful in making the softscape elements healthy. Just ensure that the elements you will include in your mulching process can work well with plants and trees that you are planning to utilise.

Provides Root Insulation

Mulching does not only boost the nutrients of your soil, but it can also provide ample insulation for the roots of your softscape elements. Insulation for roots is extremely important as it can prevent your greeneries from dying easily due to extreme temperatures. The addition of mulches in your backyard somehow insulates the roots of your greeneries and prepares them for various Aussie seasons.

Prevents Soil Erosion

Another beautiful thing about the mulching process is that it can stabilise the condition of your soil layers. Mulches can trap water in the soil. Additionally, they can slowly break the fall of the rainwater and prevent it from washing your soil drastically. This specific feature of mulches allows them to be recommended in preventing soil erosion and preserving the condition of the landscape.

Mitigates Weed Growth

When conditions are favourable, weeds can grow very quickly in a landscape. And as their number increases, the weeds would somehow steal the nutrients that are supposed to nurture the softscape elements. Fortunately, mulching can be carried out to mitigate the growth of weeds. The presence of mulches in your landscape can limit the amount of sunlight that is typically needed by weeds to grow.

Entices Earthworms

One more reason why you should have mulching in your landscape is that it encourages earthworms to move in. Earthworms are essential to soil surfaces that are filled with plants and trees since they can significantly improve the soil structure and nutrient cycling. They can even help in providing significant tunnels for the much-needed infiltration of air and water to your greeneries.

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