5 Important Questions to Ask Your Melbourne Landscaper Before Every Landscaping Project

27 May 2020

Landscaping is hard work, and since your yard plays such a significant part in your home’s curb appeal, there’s not much room for error. Aside from that, no potential buyer wants to wade through a jungle to reach the front door—or contemplate the amount of work involved in taming a mess of overgrown plants. Whether you’re moving or staying put, your best bet is to look to a professional landscape company. The pros have the knowledge, the equipment, and the experience to create your dream yard. Below are the five important questions to ask your Melbourne landscaper before every landscaping project. But before that, you must first narrow your list of potential landscapers to three solid candidates, and then ask each contractor the same questions. Posing the same set of questions to your top choices will help you make an apples-to-apples comparison.

  1. Where Do You Source Your Plants, Shrubs, And Trees?

While you don’t necessarily have to opt for native species, do make sure that your landscaper uses plants that are grown in your area. Why? They’ll likely cost less. Shipping plants from other parts of the country isn’t free. They’ll be more likely to thrive. Plants that have to adjust to brand-new growing conditions will be more susceptible to disease and pests while they’re getting accustomed to their new surroundings. They’ll require less maintenance. Hardy plants don’t need as much extra watering and attention from your landscape maintenance crew.

  1. Will You Handle All Maintenance? If Not, What Level Of Ongoing Maintenance Should I Expect?

Be sure to outline an individual plant and overall yard maintenance plan with your landscape company, and verify that the plan is included in the work contract before you sign your name. Replacement policies (and fees) for dead plants vary from company to company, so don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as necessary to fully understand which maintenance tasks are your responsibility and which tasks will fall to the crew.

  1. Do You Understand My Vision?

Your landscape contractor should take time to talk with you about what your dream yard looks like as well as your budget and how much yard maintenance you’re prepared to take on. Share examples of yards and landscape projects you particularly admire, since these visuals will help you clarify what you have in mind. After gathering this important information, your contractor will put together a rendering—a scale drawing of your property, any outdoor living structures, and all existing and new plantings—of what your new yard will look like. Your landscape contractor should explain this rendering to you in detail to make sure you’re both on the same page.

  1. How Long Do You Estimate The Whole Project Will Take?

Just like any other home improvement project, unforeseen problems and bad weather are always a possibility, so completion dates for landscaping projects can be hard to pin down. Be sure to let your contractor know if you have any deadlines on your end—a party you’re hosting in your backyard, for example—but be mindful of schedule-altering events that no one can control.

  1. When Will All The Plantings Reach Maturity?

Unless you specify otherwise, your landscaping crew will likely plant young saplings and shrubs. More established plants are typically more costly and may not transplant well. Clarify these details with your contractor, and find out how long your plants will take to reach their full size.

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