4 Sustainable Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Landscape in 2022

06 January 2022

One aspect of home properties that homeowners should always consider whenever they are planning for their home design is curb appeal. Prioritising curb appeal can ensure that the exterior of their properties will be appealing not just only to the occupants but also friends and passers-by.

Curb appeal, after all, can provide families, friends, and other people their first impression of the property, especially before they can step inside its vicinities. Even from outdoors, they can already create some mental images of what they could expect as they enter the property. Therefore, if a property has a messy outdoor area, people will surely think that the indoor area will be messy as well.

One way to enhance the curb appeal of your home this new year is by sustainable landscaping. Your landscape may already feature refreshing plants and trees. But if you follow these sustainable tips, then your home landscape will surely encourage people to think positively about your property.

  1. Utilise Native Greeneries

One way to spruce up your home landscape this new year is to utilise native greeneries. While imported greeneries can truly boast appealing looks and refreshing scents, some of them might not be able to live in your area due to compatibility issues. Opting for native and local greeneries like plants and trees is assured to give you the best results as they can grow without needing too many fertilisers and pesticides. They can even resist local pests and diseases, which can protect your whole landscape.

  1. Collect Mulching Material

Another way to improve your home landscape this 2022 is to collect and maximise mulching material. Mulch is often comprised of chopped or fallen leaves, grass clippings, wood chips, compost, and paper, which can all provide the necessary protection and safety to your landscape. Through this specific material, the quality of the soil can be improved significantly. It can also protect them against extreme changes in temperature and moisture. Mulching can even prevent weeds from spreading.

  1. Adopt a Green Living Wall

A green, living wall is a type of landscaping feature that does not only enhance your curb appeal significantly but also make your home more comfortable to live in. This sustainable feature allows you to grow a vertical garden on your wall by putting herbs and flowers in containers and hanging them on the wall. As the greeneries grow, you can easily obtain a landscape feature that is refreshing to the eyes and good for your health. Your wall can even enhance the safety and privacy of your property.

  1. Maximise Water Features

One more tip that can help your home attain a sustainable landscape is to maximise water features. Water features such as fountains or backyard ponds can effectively attract beautiful creatures to drink and bath. They can even allow water-loving plants to live in these places, making your landscaping lively and lovely. Now, if you want to make your water features more sustainable, then you may want to harvest rainwater and use it in supplying clean water to your water features and nourishing your greeneries.

If you want to make your home landscaping sustainable this new year, you can call us at Mark Browning Landscape Design.

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