Why Natural Bluestone Pavers are Most Suited for Landscaping

12 August 2020

One type of stone that is frequently used in construction works and landscaping in Australia is bluestone. Bluestone is a widely popular stone that can be maximised in both indoor or outdoor environments due to its appealing looks and durable composition. This type of stone can be used as the main material for pathways, patios, pool decks, garden paths entryways, step treads, bathroom flooring, and many more.

Natural bluestone pavers are truly suited and recommended for any landscaping-related activities because of its following characteristics:

Durable and Robust

Natural bluestone pavers are highly dense stones that can easily withstand harsh outdoor conditions like the extreme heat and excessive moisture. Accompanying their outstanding density is the existence of their tough texture and surface, making them more durable than other types of stones. Given their strong characteristics, most landscaping companies turn to them since they can stay the same after a very long time amidst being constantly exposed to direct sunlight, hard rainfall, and other damaging elements.

Safety and Security

Aside from their durability, landscaping professionals also benefit from natural bluestone pavers due to their associated safety. As previously stated, this type of stone has a tough texture and surface that do not break easily. Another great thing about the surface of bluestone pavers is that it is rough and non-slippery, making them great for outdoor areas that will always be wet and soaked in water. Once these pavers are installed, you are guaranteed a property that is safe from any trips or falls.

Stylistic and Beautiful

Landscaping hugely represents the preference and taste of a property owner. Therefore, most property owners would want materials that are beautiful and eye-catching. Fortunately, natural bluestone pavers boast timeless beauty and appeal that can boost the personality of a property. They can come in a wide variety of colours, dimensions, and styles, which are all manageable and perfect for any landscape layout and design. Natural bluestone pavers add luxurious and elegant charm to whatever type of property.

Versatile and Flexible

Another great characteristic of natural bluestone pavers is that they can be used in a wide variety of landscaping applications. They can be used for places that have either high or low foot traffic. They can also be maximised in a lot of landscaping works such as patios, pool decks, walkways, sideways, garden paths, stepstones, backyard water features, and many more. Even other construction projects can utilise the versatility and flexibility of bluestones.

Cost-Effective and Cheap

Given all the characteristics of natural bluestone pavers, it is safe to say that they are worthy of every expense one might spend over them. The durability of bluestones makes them last for a very long time, ensuring that no substantial repairs will be done over a couple of years. Their beautiful appearance also makes these stones mesmerising throughout time, making them look trendy all the time. Moreover, they also cost cheaper compared to other types of stones.

If you want to incorporate natural bluestone pavers to your landscaping, then give us a call now at Mark Browning Landscape Design. Along with landscape design, we incorporate several other services related to the landscape industry including materials selection advice and sourcing.

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