Why do Landscape Architects Prefer Natural Stone over other Materials?

15 December 2021

Different factors can affect the overall value of home properties. One of these factors is their curb appeal. The curb appeal of a home property often gauges its exterior value. Through a great curb appeal, a property can be sold whenever it is up for sale.

One element that can help increase the curb appeal of a home property is landscaping. Landscaping refers to the addition of greeneries outside a home structure. A landscape with great greeneries often intends to make the home property livelier, more appealing, and more functional. It can even make the home property healthier thanks to the presence of plants and trees.

Aside from plants and trees, a landscape will only be complete if it features hard landscape elements. These elements are designed to support the functions of greeneries. When it comes to these elements, most landscape architects pick and prefer natural stones over others due to the following reasons.

Notable Durability

One of the reasons why landscape architects prefer natural stones over others is that they possess notable durability. Landscapes are often exposed to weather elements like heat and moisture, and varying temperatures. By maximising natural stones, they can easily withstand the damaging effects of these varying elements and conditions. Natural stones can even resist decay, ensuring that they can retain their great appearance for a long time.

Astonishing Looks

And speaking of their appearance, natural stones are preferred by landscape architects due to their astonishing looks. Hard landscape materials that are artificially made often have a higher chance of deteriorating easily than natural stones. As they deteriorate, their colours, textures, and finishes tend to change in just a short time. With natural stones, the whole landscape is expected to retain its looks and appearance even after numerous years.

Broad Versatility

Another reason why landscape architects want to maximise natural stones is that they are versatile and flexible. Natural stones can be processed and come in different colours, shapes, finishes, textures, shapes, and sizes. With their versatile qualities, they can be utilised in generating a wide array of hard landscaping elements. Some of these elements include retaining walls, walkways, driveways, decking, patios, and sculptures. Natural stones can even be utilised in creating gazebos and fountains.

Easy Maintenance

Landscape architects and even homeowners prefer natural stones over other materials due to their ease of upkeep and maintenance. Since natural stones do not get damaged or deteriorate easily, they can effectively preserve their qualities and properties without regular upkeep. The only thing that they often require is occasional washing with water. This upkeep requirement makes natural stones more cost-efficient and valuable compared to other landscaping materials.

Great Sustainability

One more reason landscape architects love natural stones over others is that they are sustainable and eco-friendly. Natural stones are picked by a lot of landscape architects since they do not possess any unhealthy chemicals or substances. They likewise do not emit harmful gases and toxins. They even do not require a lot of energy during their extraction. All these things make them environmentally friendly and sustainable in the long run.

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