Top Summer Landscaping Ideas for Your Melbourne Home

07 December 2020

Landscaping generally brings a tremendous number of advantages to homeowners and their properties. It can help homeowners increase the value of their homes. This specific home makeover can likewise make the property more beautiful. Landscaping can create a sustainable environment for relaxation purposes.

The benefits of landscaping extend to the health of home occupants and the environment. This specific feature can create a home that has cleaner air and is free from pollutants. The stress levels of home occupants can also decrease with landscaping. As for the environment, landscaping can regulate temperatures, reduce stormwater runoff, control erosion, and reduce soil degradation.

All these benefits can truly help Melbourne homes achieve a more sustainable and liveable environment. And since summer is near, you may want to opt for landscaping that suits your current living conditions. To help you out, here are some landscaping ideas that you can do to your home property.

Adopt Downscaled Shrubs

As more home properties are being constructed, the extra space intended for most yards has been gradually shrinking for the past couple of years. Fortunately, landscaping is still possible with yards that have small space through the integration of downscaled shrubs. The presence of these shrubs will not only make your home beautiful, but it can also reduce your concerns about maintenance issues as they do not require regular upkeep compared to other types of landscaping.

Integrate Natural Materials

One perfect way of maximising the overall design and composition of your landscaping is through the incorporation of natural materials. Stones, woods, and other natural materials can easily blend well with plants and trees that may have already existed on your backyard. Most of these natural materials can easily resist weathering elements and provide an authentic gardening option. Stones can be used for fountains, benches, sculptures, and retaining walls. Woods, alternatively, can be used for fences, raised beds for flowers, pathways, borders, decks, and steps.

Consider Hanging Gardens

If you like to make your landscape both unique and useful, then you may want to consider incorporating hanging edible gardens on your backyard. Some fruits and vegetables can grow very quickly, even under intense heat. And believe it or not, the advantages that you can get out of your hanging gardens can exceed other types of landscaping that can be commonly found on other properties. Hanging edible gardens are much safer to possible destruction caused by your children or pets. And with proper care and maintenance, they can easily provide you with edible products that can be expensive in the markets.

Contain Water Formations

The summer heat can be annoying for some homeowners, and if you are one of those homeowners, then you can certainly appreciate the addition of water features and formations. With suitable maintenance, water formations such as ponds or gardens can easily reduce the heat around the area as well as enhance the physical appearance of your property. These water features can also be cost-efficient since they do not truly consume a huge amount of energy just to sustain their functions and capabilities.

To incorporate great landscaping to your Melbourne home, just give us a call at Mark Browning Landscape Design.


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