Top Landscaping Mistakes that You Should Avoid at All Costs

13 April 2021

Landscaping has been very useful in boosting the value of a property, especially if it boasts features that are truly appealing and functional to the home occupants, visitors, and even neighbours. With the combination of the right softscape and hardscape elements, a landscape can improve the looks of a property. It can even provide health benefits to the people around the elements of the landscape.

Most of the time, the overall design plan of the landscaping is often generated and created by professionals. However, there are landscaping professionals who may still commit mistakes whenever they carry out their tasks. If you are currently working with a landscape professional, here are some of the top landscaping mistakes that you should both avoid at all costs.

Ignoring Erosion-Prone Places

One of the most notable mistakes in landscaping is ignoring erosion-prone areas. A landscape must not only boast great appearance and functionalities, but it must also be safe and secured. That is why you and your contractor need to set up the landscaping features and elements in areas where erosion may be present. In fact, areas that are prone to erosion must be fixed first with a retaining wall before proceeding to the main landscaping activity to avoid causing issues or problems.

Cutting the Planning Process

Another landscaping mistake that must be avoided is to skip and cut the planning process. Planning is crucial to every landscaping projects. The absence of any plan can easily ruin everything once the landscaping is being built and arranged. The overall design and functions of your landscaping must work effectively with the existing structure of your home. Numerous factors such as the types of plants, positioning of elements, and the materials for hardscape elements must all be planned properly.

Utilising Unsuitable Irrigation

One more landscaping mistake that you should avoid at all costs is the utilisation of unsuitable irrigation. Right at the start of your landscaping project, your irrigation must already be planned thoroughly so that your softscape elements can grow effectively. Your irrigation system must provide sufficient watering needs to your plants and trees. And to sustain the appearance of your landscaping, your contractor should already find ways on how to hide the irrigation lines before adding more landscape elements.

Planting Closely to the Property

Placing trees, plants, and other softscape materials too close to your property can effectively ruin its appearance, functions, and value. Trees, plants, and other greeneries tend to grow fast. And if their overhanging limbs and underneath roots start to grow and reach your home structure, then you may expect small yet vital damages to your property. Therefore, you must plant the softscape materials at least four feet away from your property, including your pool, deck, or patio.

One thing that you can do to avoid these mistakes is to hire reliable landscape designers and gardeners. If you need assistance with your landscaping, feel free to call us at Mark Browning Landscape Design. From concept to completion, we collaborate our creative skills, experience, and broad knowledge to inspire each other in creating award-winning and unmatched beautiful, landscaped gardens for you.

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