How to Make Your Backyard Pet-Friendly through Landscaping?

10 May 2021

Landscaping can normally provide benefits that can improve the welfare and life quality of the people who are residing or visiting the involved property. For one, it can make the whole backyard appealing and refreshing to look at. Landscaping can likewise provide additional outdoor space, ensuring that a property can obtain an extra area for dining, relaxing, and other refreshing activities. People’s health can also improve considerably thanks to the presence of hardscape and softscape features.

But aside from people’s welfare and life quality, landscaping can also bring great benefits to pets. Given the amount of affection that they can provide to humans, pets also deserve a place that can be both refreshing and safe for them. If you are thinking of making your backyard pet-friendly, then here are some great landscaping ideas that you can consider and include in your project.

Integrate Safe and High Fences

Pets like dogs can be playful at times. They might even run continuously for a long time until they run out of energy. And while your backyard can be a great place for them to play and run, it must be protected and installed with fences so that they do not run away from your property. Additionally, these fences can protect them from getting hit by cars as well as keep your property safe from burglary attempts. The value of your home can even be enhanced through fences since they can add privacy to your property.

Choose Lawn Care Products

When it comes to choosing fertiliser and other lawn care products for your landscaping, you must ensure that they will be safe for animals. Dogs, cats, and other lovely pets may develop some illnesses if they are exposed to lawn care products that are dangerous for them. They might even die if they have inhaled a huge amount of particles that come from your fertiliser. To ensure their safety, you must keep them off your backyard until the fertiliser has been watered or has dried. You may also try natural, organic methods in keeping your lawn and garden healthy.

Maximise Pet-Safe Greeneries

Softscape elements, particularly plants and flowers, should be considered thoroughly in every landscaping project. But for your backyard, you must opt for plants and flowers that will be safe for your pets. Without assessing your plants and flowers, your pets might accidentally eat them and develop serious illnesses and sickness. Some pet-safe greeneries that you can maximise include cornflowers, asters, orchids, baby tears, impatiens, hibiscus, marigolds, pansies, petunias, and snapdragons.

Add Shade and Water Features

Pets like dogs and cats may be active at times, but they require adequate shade and water features to keep them safe from the effects of heat. For your shade, you must integrate tall trees, bushes, and grasses into your landscaping so that your pets can play under these elements for a long time. Water features like decorative fountains, dog pools, and sprinkler systems can also be incorporated so that your pets can drink or swim whenever they want and can stay hydrated all the time.

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