Garden Revamp: Transforming Your Small Space into a Stunning Landscape Design

12 October 2020

A landscape is typically utilised by property owners due to its associated benefits. A great landscape can provide cooler temperatures around a property. It can likewise improve the quality of air and water within the vicinity of the garden and property. Outdoor living spaces that are connected to the landscape can likewise provide significant improvements to the quality of life.

Given these benefits, it is safe to conclude that landscaping can truly help properties attain improvements over a lot of things. But contrary to popular belief, a stunning landscape can be applied anywhere regardless of how big or small the available space is. A landscape can still be mesmerising to look at even if it is integrated into a tiny space. So, if you are thinking of transforming your small space into a beautiful landscape, then here are some ways that you can adopt for your property enhancement.

Maximise Vertical Wall

One great way of incorporating landscape in a small space is to maximise the walls around it. Vertical walls can be converted into a decorative outdoor living wall by simply adding horizontal panels. Another great way of maximising the vertical wall is to transform it into a vertical garden. Through the incorporation of a bare fence, small plant pots and baskets can be easily placed and planted on the wall.

Integrate Different Levels

Another way of creating a great landscape design within a small space is to add varying levels. A sunken terrace area and a raised lawn can be integrated and constructed on a small space. Adding ledges and steps on your small landscape area can help you incorporate more spaces for plant pots. They can even house additional sitting or hangout area for family members or guests.

Add Seats and Tables

Outdoor seats and tables have been the staple of great landscape design. Luckily, these furniture pieces can likewise be integrated with small landscape areas. A compact, half-sized table, paired with comfortable cushioned seats, can already provide a majestic view and a wonderful, relaxing experience within your new landscape. These elements can also help make the space functional.

Build Multifunctional Shed

Small landscape areas can be effective and efficient if they can cater to numerous functionalities. Constructing a multifunctional shed can be a very wise investment since it can be used in a wide variety of functions. This specific shed can house outdoor furniture during cold seasons. Alternatively, it can also house different occasions and parties that you may think of organising and arranging.

Play with Some Shelves

The enhancement over the general landscape design can also be achieved with the addition of shelves. These shelves can effectively store lanterns and plant pots that can make the place refreshing to look at. Some accessories can also be placed and stored on shelves to improve the overall appearance of the landscape. If you want to create your own shelves, then you might want to utilise old railway sleepers.

These small landscape ideas can guarantee you a place that enticing to look at. These ideas can also make the landscape functional, despite the limitations brought by the area of the space. For more stunning landscape design ideas, feel free to contact us at Mark Browning Landscape Design.


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