Autumn Landscaping Ideas and Maintenance Tips

15 March 2021

Your existing landscaping can provide many benefits to your property. For one, it can effectively boost the overall value of your home due to its beautiful appearance and comfortable feel. Landscaping can likewise help in decreasing heating and cooling expenses since its included features can already regulate the surrounding temperatures of your property. Your landscaping can also help in reducing stormwater runoff, preventing erosion and soil degradation, and offering health benefits to you and your family.

Given these benefits, it would be truly important for your landscape to be maintained regularly. Even during the autumn season, maintenance of landscaping is still essential just to preserve its value and obtain its notable advantages on your property.

Some of the best maintenance tips that you can do for your landscaping during autumn are as follows:

Add Shrubs and Flowers

One tip that you can do with your landscaping during this season is to add more shrubs and flowers. Planting shrubs and flowers on your landscape can be a great way to enhance its overall appearance and make it more diverse. You can take this opportunity to acquire your favourite shrubs and flowers and allow them to grow in a much cooler landscape soil before the season changes again. Just make sure that your chosen shrubs and flowers can thrive and survive the current weather condition.

Take Care of the Lawn

The continuous decrease of the temperatures during the autumn season will certainly pave the way to a much colder lawn and landscaping. Despite this situation, you must still take care of your lawn and feed it nicely to maintain its lively appearance. Mowing your lawn before the temperature drops further must also be done so that you do not have to deal with lawn-related problems and issues. The expenses needed for unplanned lawn repairs will be reduced when you take care of your lawn properly.

Cut Branches and Perennials

Aside from feeding and mowing the lawn of your landscape, you must also trim back dead branches and perennials that may be around your property. Trimming or cutting them can help expose the wounds of the involved trees and plants, ensuring that they will be kept healthy despite the season change. Softscape elements that already show signs of decline, alternatively, must be removed so that they would not cause any diseases to other healthy plants and trees.

Maximise Fallen Leaves

All the leaves that may have fallen from your trees and plants can all be maximised by collecting and turning them into compost. Compost is made from decomposing organic materials that can be truly rich in plant nutrients and helpful organisms. This specific material can be used to maintain good soil structure, provide the soil with appropriate nutrients, water, and air, and protect the softscape elements from diseases. Your compost can be added to your mulch to make your landscaping healthy.

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